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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Lol is a funny and insightful piece about internet dating, written and performed with great energy by Rosalind Adler. It follows the journeys of three completely different women; Mags, Sarah and Lucinda, and their struggles with a man. It’s sweet, touching and utterly believable.

Adler performs wonderfully; characterising all three of the women effectively, giving a particularly strong vocal performance. Her timing is spot on, and the action is well directed (by Kirsty Bennett), particularly in the transitions between the characters.

There's an underlying tragedy in the piece, and the subtle comments on self-image and loneliness give the comedy a sense of power and profundity. We care about the characters, and that alone speaks volumes about the quality of Adler’s performance. This is a show that will appeal to both the sexes; it’s so beautifully satirical without being irritatingly feminist, and the cynical and dark humour is brilliant and imaginative. Ultimately it’s the writing that carries the show; its sheer honesty and believability.

This is first-class character comedy, and a wonderfully refreshing piece to enjoy after a spot of lunch.  

- Chris Wheeler


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