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Busting Out

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Nervous and slightly embarrassed to being sitting amongst hundreds of menopausal women and young couples about to watch an hour of mammary manipulation, I ensure my press pass is clearly on display so I'm not mistaken for a pervert. Busting Out is billed as Puppetry Of The Penis but with breasts. Not something I would imagine to be remotely enticing. The sell out crowd in Assembly's Ballroom suggests otherwise.

Musical theatre star Emma Powell and comic Bev Killick are Australian entertainers with a penchant for nudity. After a rendition of 'Everyone Loves Tits' and audiences chants of 'Get Your Tits Out', the baps appear. It's crude entertainment but however much I try to be serious and critical, it's difficult to not burst into laughter. These are funny women whose representations of the Loch Ness Monster and the Batman logo are utterly inspired.

Within sixty minutes I am standing up along with the other male attendees squeezing my chest. The grannies sitting next to me are giggling away. Surprisingly, so am I.


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