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I wonder how many plays are dreamed up on trains. I feel like it might be a few. Travel forces you into an extended period of doing nothing. Your brain can't use the normal thought-dodges; tea making, fake cleaning, or (in my case) miniscule, unnecessary puppet repairs.

I'm pondering this on the train to Edinburgh right now. I have a good five hours ahead of me and having finally cleared out my emails, I am left with a view of a raincloud to entertain me.

As in reality I am currently nowhere, my imagination wants to put me somewhere. On this occasion, in a small circus tent, in a storm....with witches.

Oh I like it, it's very dramatic. As soon as I've finished this blog I will start work on it. The fact that I'm creating it on a train gives it a romantic back-story. I'm basically the theatrical equivalent of Jules Verne or Rudyard Kipling or that woman- you know, the one who wrote stuff on trains.

The only perceivable difference is that Verne and Kipling got seats on their travels. The romance of my situation is slightly dampened by the fact that I'm sitting on a sticky floor between a bin and a toilet.

Ah well, I'll just move out of the way for this lady's banana skin and then it's on with the writing...just a minute...half a stinking sandwich too. So these witches meet in the rain, they each bring a banana peel and a sandwich...


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