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It’s a ten-minute walk from my flat to the Pleasance. These are the sights I saw yesterday on the way to the tech.

This toothbrush* took its own life trying desperately to implement Edinburgh Council’s 'white pavement' policy. The pen-pushing fools.

"I’d like to buy a letter, please."
"Get out!"

"You cannot come in."
"But it really hurts."
"Begone. This is a Deaconess hospital. You are clearly a Deacon."

As a playwright, I see narrative wherever I go.

Our first preview was fuller than I expected. Nevertheless, it was not full. You, the people of Whatsonstage, can change that. Heed my call. Do not let the toothbrush die in vain.

* No trick photography involved. This is a genuine wild toothbrush I found.**

** I know, awesome, right?


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