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Since 2003, the fur has been flying on Avenue Q. Written by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, this catchy creature comedy has played to packed audiences on Broadway, Las Vegas and the West End. We caught up with the pack of puppets ahead of the Glasgow leg of their nationwide tour.

1) "It sucks to be you on Avenue Q". Why?

NICKY: Cos my Buddy Rod keeps nagging me to do chores. He's really het up you know. I think there's something on his mind.

ROD: My room mate Nicky is very messy and drives me crazy!

MRS THISTLETWAT: Well, there are far too many monsters taking over Avenue Q and it doesn't leave much room for the rest of us.

KATE: It sucks to be me because I consider myself to be smart, attractive and fun to be with, so why don't I have a boyfriend?

2) Lucy. You've played in Amsterdam and Bangkok and now you're hitting the King's Theatre, Glasgow. Is it going to be a special week?

LUCY: This week is going to be pretty special for me! I love Glasgow and, if all the guys in the audience are wearing kilts, I'll be very, very happy...

3) Avenue Q won three Tony Awards and beat Wicked to Best Musical. How does it feel to be associated with such success?

CHRIS: I feel so privileged to be part of this show. I'm lucky to be able to say that I come to work each day and look forward to my job!

PRINCETON: It is an honour to be part of this wonderful show, particularly because I can play the lead and don't even have to be painted green!

RACHEL: It's amazing! I feel very lucky to have been part of Avenue Q, especially to have been part of the first UK tour of the show.

4) Your songs and lyrics are a little more colourful than most shows. What would Gepetto say if he heard you swearing?

TREKKIE: He'd say *bleep* dis show is the *bleep*. Me must tell all me friends.

ROD: Is Pinnochio a real boy? I heard he has a big... nose!

YELLOW BEAR: More swearing! more fun! Yay!

KATE: Well, a puppet's gotta earn a living! I'm sure he'd just be proud that I'm working hard and making friends.

5) Who would Avenue Q appeal to? What's the show's purpose, Princeton?

PRINCETON: The purpose of the show is to teach adults life lessons about racism, sexuality and relationships.

6) There is always a human standing alongside you as you perform. Where does the puppet end and the actor begin?

CHRIS: The show is unique in its formula. The audience can see the puppets and the human controlling. After a little time, you can begin to watch just the puppet but also be influenced by the humans emotions.

MRS T: That question is a little impertinent. Whose hand and where it is going is none of your business.

YELLOW BEAR: Puppet? What are you talking about? Puppet, my *bleep*.

KATE: During the show, I feel like me and my human Rachel, are the same person. She would be nothing without me!

LUCY: I personally feel held back by my human. I wish it was just me up there in the limelight!

7) How is the touring lifestyle? Do you travel first class or in suitcases?

TREKKIE: Business class, baby.

ROD: Always first class.

PRINCETON: I take the bus or walk.

RACHEL: Suitcases! Touring is fun but I am looking forward to putting all my clothes back in drawers and on hangers.

8) The internet rumour mill suggests you have taken out a super-injunction, Rod. Would you like to settle the gay rumours now?

ROD: How many times do I have to tell you people?! No comment!

9) Is it difficult being a monster in 2011, Kate?

KATE: I am very proud of my heritage, but yes, I do feel like there is a stereotype that all monsters are the same and that we all like the same things.

10) Trekkie: how many times a day do you have to clear your internet history?!

TREKKIE: Never. Me got nothing to hide. Me just have to be careful not to get viruses... if you know what me mean.

11) Rod and Nicky: do you enjoy living a Will & Grace lifestyle as room-mates in New York City?

NICKY: Sure. He's my best buddy. Although I gotta make sure I clean up after myself or he has a hissy fit.

ROD: It's great, but it would be nice if Jack popped in too.

12) What's the ideal night out for you plush people?

TREKKIE: A night in. With PORN.

ROD: I would like to stay in and read my books on musicals.

YELLOW BEAR: We love all going out for a night on the town. In fact, the best nights out usually consist of us NOT remembering what happened!

13) If you could go back to college, what would you study?

TREKKIE: Film making. One day me could make me own movies...

ROD: No doubt in my mind - Musical Theatre.

PRINCETON: I'm not sure I would go back. I am finding I am learning a lot more about myself and life now I have left.

YELLOW BEAR: A cocktail making course!

KATE: I think I would study politics! I am very proud to be a monster and I think the monster community would benefit from having a strong, female representative like myself.

Avenue Q is at the King's Theatre in Glasgow from Tuesday 25th June until Saturday 2nd July.

Trekkie/ Nicky played by Chris Thatcher

Princeton/ Rod played by Adam Pettigrew

Mrs Thistletwat/ Yellow Bear played by
Katharine Moraz

Kate / Lucy played by Rachel Jerram


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