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Inside The Cage - It Was The Goose

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So there I am in the opening seconds of the show - packed house, already starting to sweat - and up there in the audience at about two o'clock I see the barrel of a 200 Mil Telescopic lens staring at me. Then the click. And another click. Behind the camera - my brother. Brother Goose.

It was great that brother Goose (aka Andrew) made it all the way from London to show support and watch the show only to go back the following day, and it seemed a top idea that he take photos during the show. I had said yes a few days ago, thinking it would be done on a silent i-phone type affair. I had then completely forgotten about the idea. So I guess it was my fault when that ol' SLR shutter started to snap away. I hadn't told the rest of the cast 'cos (a) I forgot and (b) I didn't think I'd need to - but this machine gun lens snapping away needed stopping...

So I told him.

That old fourth wall came tumbling down and I commanded my younger brother to stop taking taking photos. Twice! First time he just grinned - thinking it was part of the show (as did the rest of the audience.). So my second command was firmer. I think at that point the audience may have deemed me a psycho. Still, needs must and it had to be done. But when we got to the end of the play brother Goose managed to sneak in a couple more in the closing moments - he told me afterwards that he tried to do it while there was a lot of noise and distraction on stage. Good work.

It's a shame I stopped him as the pics would have been great. Anyway lesson learnt. I need to buy Goose a kind of silencer and then next time I'll be able to put him on the front row and let the snapping snap away.

We all then went out to eat at a fine Turkish restaurant - The Turkish Kitchen - on Rose street where we ate our weight in mixed kebab.


By the way you can see Goose's photo collection and gallery on:

He has a fantastic collection of photos from all over the UK. Check it out.

Meanwhile - come to The Cage. Audiences are loving it and are saying it's the best play they've seen up here. Which is nice for us to hear and good for you to know. C U There.

'Til soon


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