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Edinburgh Moment: How to Prevent a Performer from Getting Big Headed

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After their sell-out debut show last year, Dan March, Jim Millard and Matt Sheahan return as The Real MacGuffins with their show Skitsophrenic, always making sure they stay level headed.

Anyone who has seen The Real MacGuffins will know that Jim and I are the real stars. Matt is kind of our stage manager really, if a chair needs moving or a prop needs finding – Matt’s our man; occasionally of course a sketch will demand a third performer (or stooge) and rather than incur the extra costs of hiring another actor we just get Matt to do it (he is free after all).

We had a moment however last year when Matt nearly got above his station. We had just finished our show and were heading through the Pleasance Courtyard when this screaming horde of groupies runs towards us – Jim and I obviously got our autograph pens at the ready…but these 20 youngsters from Swindon Youth Theatre ran past us and mobbed Matt instead – shouting his name, showering him with praise – Jim and I slipped off quietly into the night and filled his bed with water bombs – for his own good you understand.

The Real MacGuffins: Skitsophrenic is on at Pleasance Courtyard from 4 - 29 August (excl 12) at 16.30.


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