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Edinburgh Moment: How I Met My Husband

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I met my husband in an Edinburgh show, when I was engaged to another man. This year we’re back, playing husband and wife.

At the 1999 Festival, I was playing Mrs March in a popular production of Little Women at the Pleasance Above, and I was engaged; my fiancé was touring at this point. It was my first Edinburgh, and it was a blast! In the cast was a charming young man named Dewi, and we were good friends. We went to many shows together, had breakfast together in the tiny kitchen of the company flat, and spent hours flyering together on The Mile.

The whole cast went out to celebrate our first day off after two weeks of the Festival. We were all dancing together; I glanced up, saw Dewi dancing, and was hit by the mythical thunderbolt: I was hopelessly in love with him. I was stunned and shocked. I got a taxi and went home, saying I was tired. I was engaged. Nothing could happen, so nothing would, he had no idea how I felt, we would continue as friends, nothing more.

By the final night, I knew that was impossible and that he felt the same. We stayed up until 5.30am, hoping for some time alone to talk, and finally we got it.

We’ve now been married 8 years, and are coming back to Edinburgh playing husband and wife in my first play, Hamlet for Girls.

So be warned!

Lizzie Hughes is starring in Hamlet for Girls at the Spaces on the Mile at the Radisson, 6-28 August at 14:05.


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