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Brief Encounter With ... Hitler from Hitler! The Musical

Hitler! The Musical, a musical comedy, brings a whole new perspective to the infamous dictator. In this interview, we speak to the title character about his upcoming stage performance.

So, Mr Hitler, why are you bringing a show to the Fringe?

Please, call me Adolf. For a while now, I have been an admirer of the open-minded audiences you get at the Fringe. It struck me that these people might be able to understand me. You see, I get quite a lot of bad press, but six million Jews doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s not easy when the world judges you without getting to know you. I’m just your average kid trying to achieve my dreams in this big bad world… and I made some mistakes. But everyone makes mistakes. It’s not easy being a Führer. Try not judge a book by its cover, or a man by his moustache if you will.

Ok Adolf, so why a musical?

The medium of musical theatre is the perfect way for me to express my feelings. My heroes include Weill, Bernstein and Sondheim. I love to sing with a warble in my voice and truth in my heart. I’m like a modern day Judy Garland, only with better facial hair.And this is not a plain musical, it is a musical comedy! My unter-führers all assure me it is a lolocaust.

And what is the show about?

Well... Hitler! The Musical is about me, obviously. It’s an exposition of the things people don’t know about me, both historical and psychological. And moustashical. I want to show you the real me.

Who is in it?

The cast is formed of recent musical theatre graduates, including a token Jew (I feel very strongly about equality and diversity). They have worked with me every step of the way to devise this cracking show. No one was late for rehearsals. They know the score.

Hitler! The Musical is on at Gryphon 1, The Point Hotel from 8 - 20 August (excl 14) at 15.00.


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