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Therapy & Peter Créme's Eyes (Newcastle)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Live Theatre

Two new plays are showcasing at Live Theatre; Therapy by Dick Curran and Peter Creme's Eyes by Tracy Whitwell. Both were performed in the intimate studio space, which is a wonderful venue to showcase the creative talents that are being supported by the Live's involvement in new writing.

Therapy concerned Brian, who is "encouraged" by his long suffering wife to attend a series of therapy sessions to save their marriage, largely due to his extra marital affairs. All this against a backdrop of being a full time driving instructor; plenty of opportunity to talk to intelligent, young and pretty student's.

Peter Creme's Eyes, is a tale of sibling rivalry of sisters. Their lives are changed by a murderer, Peter Crème, one because she writes a brilliant journalistic piece on him and his crimes, the other because she begins a relationship with him while he is in a treatment centre, and continues it when he is released into the world once more. A very disturbing climax to the piece.

A very confident series of performances from actors who had just days to rehearse two very wordy plays. Special mention must go to Paul Charlton, Libby Davison and Angela Lonsdale who appeared in both plays, with Tony Neilson and Anne Bolton appearing in Therapy. Direction by Gez Casey and Rosie Kellagher.


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