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Rich Hall (Tour - Newcastle)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne

Rich Hall is just a few dates in to his latest marathon tour but already has the audiences in the palm of his hand. There is an obvious loyal following for this American comedian and based on his Newcastle show, the following will get deservedly larger.

A bare stage, suffice for three guitars, is the setting and Hall even does his own off stage announcements for this two hours of brilliant comedy.

Regardless of his comedy, covering subjects as diverse as Primark, American and UK Politics, Carry On Films and the USA gun laws, he hits the mark every time. There is also brilliant banter to and from the front few rows of the stalls.

Hall is from one of the greatest States of the USA , Montana, where he still lives ( a state I can recommend having been several times) but takes great delight in telling about the trials and tribulations when completing British examinations.

If there was one thing missing in the whole show, it was a table. Hall continually picks up and puts down his bottle of water, sometimes picking it up and never drinking. The bottle has to be placed on the stage and the continual bending becomes annoying, why was there not a table? A small gripe but it was monotonous distraction.

Rich Hall's tour does return to the region, playing Middlesborough. So if you get a chance to catch this tour do so, it's a great way to stretch those chuckle muscles and increase Hall's loyal following as you will be hooked.


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