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In conversation with... Harry Capehorn

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With the tour of the hit comedy Girls Night Out in final rehearsals before the show opens in Newcastle we took the opportunity to talk to the cast.

With the opening night of the tour fast approaching how are rehearsals going? Harry Capehorn (playing Pete in the forthcoming tour) told us they were going really well actually. At first he was slightly worried as there was only a three week rehearsals period. However, once they entered the second week his confidence grew as the cast started to gel.

We wondered what the Newcastle audiences should expect and were told “Lots of fun, laughter and naked boys”. (All tastefully done, they assured us)

With the clock ticking to the end of rehearsals and performing in front of a live audience only a few days away, we wondered how different the rehearsal room atmosphere would be to the audience response. Harry admitted that it was a long time since he had “trodden the boards”, so he was not really thinking about it too much.

We recognize that life on the road can be tough and wondered how the cast will cope with this. Harry agreed to keep us informed as the tour progressed but the “digs” are booked in advance. For most of the tour he will be sharing with Joe Ransom who plays Darren. He added that it should be fun but they could end up killing each other.


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