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Indigestion (re:play - Salford)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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This musical tantalises your taste buds and stirs up  the artist in you. The singers are accompanied  by violin, double bass and keyboard.  I also enjoy the Gilbertian style, thought-provoking dialogue in Michael Betteridgeand Derek Martin’s novel production, Indigestion, presented by New Space Productions as part of the Library Theatre’s Re:Play series.
Although the piece focuses on thought-provoking issues such as junk food and class-related eating habits, it doesn’t, as the publicity suggest, give you indigestion. In fact Betteridge’s lovely tunes aid digestion, as the music is sweet, syncopated and futuristic.
You are not, however, allowed to completely relax whilst you eat. For the audience interaction with Frances Paterson playing the waitress, Rachel, motivates you into considering more deeply the thoughts of those around you. The aim of New Space is to showcase young talent and the cast are, indeed, both young and talented.
Performers are planted with diners and our table has Tony (Samuel Lea) ostensibly a lonely poet prompting Rachel to sing "Table for One". He turns out to be Gerald de Vere, a poisonous restaurant critic.
A novel idea but you cannot always hear songs and spoken words from other tables.
The Company provide a feast of entertainment and congratulations to the Lowry Restaurant for a meal to remember.

- Julia Taylor

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