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Hope (Liverpool)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Written by and starring Scot Williams, Hope arrives at the Royal Court Theatre Liverpool. With an all-star cast, this show does not disappoint, as it weaves a tale of love wrapped in a psychological plot.
This production has a strong script, backed up by four incredible actors. Mark Womack and Samantha Womack team up for the first time on stage to play Norm, an aspiring writer, and insomniac with writers block, and foxy lodger Hope, who has a secret to tell. Guy is the interfering housemate always getting in the way of Norm's writing and then Victor turns up, who just gets in everyone's way.
As Norm, Womack is totally engrossed in the frustrations of an author struggling to finish a chapter of his novel. He plays a strong character at odds with his life and real emotion flows through as we see him battle with his insomnia and lack of inspiration.
Rene Zagger plays Guy, whose character really shines. His idiosyncrasies of character are funny and mesmerising to watch.
Although Sam Womack only appears in a few scenes, her certainty and bold performance makes for a very natural and relaxed character. Playing alongside her, Scot Williams always gives a confidence, polished performance
Hope has a cleverly thought out script, and balances drama with comedy and a thought provoking conclusion.

- Jane Phillips


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