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Flawless - Chase The Dream (Tour - Salford)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Former Britain's Got Talent contestants Flawless may soon stop being associated with the hit talent show if their latest show is anything to go by. Following their huge success in the popular film Streetdance 3D, their following has grown even bigger and rightfully so. They know how to put on a show which uses contemporary imagery, music and moves, juxtaposed with old school theatrics and it works wonderfully well.

It's a brave and clever dance act that can throw shapes to the tunes of Sting, Usher, Madonna, and Jessica Rabbit but Flawless do just that and each element of the show is delivered with panache, boundless energy, a knowing smile/wink and the odd ab flash.

The Michael Jackson tribute gets the crowd going and unlike many of these inferior immitators, it has the drive, blood, sweet and tears to do the great man justice. I also particularly enjoyed The Mask and The Matrix, as done by these guys in the guise of movie spoofs - reimagined as silent dance scenes and both highlight the huge versatility that Flawless have to offer.

There are funny moments, thriller-diller moments and downright cheesy ones and at times the piece drags in act one. The addition of a homeless character adds nothing to the evening and it does drag whenever he is on stage. But, aside from the odd niggle - Flawless chase the dream, catch it in their hands and deliver to a loving audience who can hardly believe their eyes.

Don your white gloves and enjoy!


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