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Cirkus Cirkor - Inside Out (Salford)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Swedish Cirkus Cirkor’s production, Inside Out, has a story that pulls the acts together. It’s about Tom (Wes Peden) and Saga (Anna Lagerkvist) supposedly from the audience  – who join up and find happiness.

The cast do acrobatics on Saga’s heavy heart as she drags it behind her. When she appears as a pole dancer the audience gasp as she jumps headfirst before stopping just in time. Slowly, you realise there is more to this production than meets the eye.  How many ring masters ask about the meaning of life? The white faced and rather sinister Fefe Deijfen does.

A woman in a cage makes you understand the title.  She is inside and the acrobats outside offer release and freedom. Irya’s Playground, and on stage rock band complement the acts and include deep-throated vocals by Irya Gmeyner and a multi-media backdrop creates atmosphere.

We watch in disbelief as Angela Wand walks across a row of champagne bottles after her levitation from the dead. And how can anyone juggle seven clubs simultaneously? Acrobatic pair Mirja Jauhiainen and Sanna Kopra have an equally jaw dropping effect on the trapeze. Andreas Falk is a natural dancer inside a spinning hoop.

A responsive audience cheer the circus acts but their heads reel as they ponder more important facets of life. Challenging genre-busting stuff.

- Julia Taylor


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