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Quick Questions: Hayley Reed on...Beauty and The Beast

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With Beauty and The Beast on the way to Manchester for a week long stay, we thought it was time we caught up with another member of the unsung heroes of musical theatre; the ensemble. Here we chat to local actress Hayley Reed with some quick questions about the show, be our guest, Hayley......

The score is so well known. What’s your favourite song in the show and why?

"Be Our Guest" as there is so much going on onstage and the audience reaction at the end is amazing.

Why do you think that Beauty and The Beast is such a huge success on tour?
With the spectacle of the Disney film, people know they are going to get the same magic onstage. It's been touring for five years and people come back again and again.

What’s the best thing about being on tour?
We have visited some amazing cities and played some of the most beautiful theatres in the UK.  

And the worst?
Being away from friends and family.

Do you get the chance to see family/friends when you visit Manchester?
It's lovely coming back to Manchester. I get to stay with family and friends  who I don't see very often. It's lovely when they come & see the show and have a laugh at me in some silly costumes!

What’s been the funniest/most memorable incident that has happened on stage on the tour so far?
Being thrown on for my undertsudy, just 1 week in to performances, with no rehearsal!

Why would you recommend the show?
 It's a great family show and there is something in it for everyone.

Hayley Reed was speaking to Glenn Meads

Beauty and The Beast runs at the Opera House in Manchester from 10- 14 November.



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