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Five Reasons To See ... Be My Baby

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Be My Baby proved to be such a big hit at the RNCM earlier in the year, that it's back in January, 2010, this time at the Lowry. We caught up with local actress Lisa-Marie Hoctor as gives us her five reasons to see this poignant play.

1. The story
The plot is a mixture of real heartbreak alongside great humour and friendship. Without giving too much away.. the girls experience highs and lows all of their own and alongside the emotional scenes there are great scenes of mischief and loyalty between the girls, and you begin to realise that these friendships give the girls the strength to face their realities.

2. The swinging 60's
The play is set in 1964, 'the swinging sixties' but as you'll learn the sixities weren't always swinging! It's an opportunity to go back 40 years and either remember bygone times or experience life in a completely different era.
3. The Music
The play features songs by girl groups of the sixties!

4. The Truth
We've been lucky enough to meet women from the 60's who experienced very similar stories. Some stories were so similar to the play that it must have been fate! These women have helped us to find the truth behind the mother and baby homes in the 1960's and it also makes us extremely priviledged to be working closesly with real women and real stories.

5. Here's our Synopsis
The North of England.1964. Mary, 19 and expecting a baby, is sent to an institution for unmarried mothers. As she tries to make friends with the other girls, she must also face the harsh realities of coping with the decision of giving her baby up for adoption. A moving, humorous play set to a soundtrack of sixties girl groups such as The Ronettes and The Shangri-Las.

Be My Baby is at the Lowry from 8 - 10 January, 2010.


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