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Ring (Bristol - tour)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Fuel Theatre Company has a sturdy reputation for creating mould-breaking theatre. This is no different. For forty-five minutes in the pitch-black, you become the beating heart of this exciting and disconcerting piece.

A group of friends discuss one of their number: you. You are loved, you are adored, you are valued. Or are you? What is your true place in this group - and what do you feel about them?

Clever, challenging and at times thrilling, Ring heightens everyday relationship dynamics with magician-like bluffs, blind alleys, anticipations and doubt. Sight (absent) and sounds (your everything) are reconfigured to show just how much imagination and perception are the real voices in our everyday lives.

This show won’t be for everyone, but David Rosenberg’s concept, Glen Neath’s script and the wonderful sound from Ben and Max Ringham give the audience something that beats either traditional theatre or radio drama into a cocked hat.

Guy Dartnell is your kindly host, ensuring your sense of security and playing ambassador for the invisible cast; a gentle face to keep hold of throughout the speeding darkness.

The ending mustn’t be spoilt, but it’s here that you might wish for more, in more ways than one. Perhaps one day Fuel will treat us to just that.

Ring, Bristol Old Vic Studio, October 16-17, 18-20th, 7:00pm, then touring: Poole Lighthouse; Warwick Arts Centre; Colchester Lakeside; Glasgow Tramway.


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