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Blood Tie (Plymouth)

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
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The talented Plymouth Young Company brings local writer David Lane’s Blood Tie to the Drum in an explosion of anarchy and Greek tragedy (and a few Roman numerals).

Based on the myth of Dionysus, the ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ tale is somewhat trite and unfortunately the decision to set it in the round but play to the front meant that most of the dialogue is lost. As are projections onto the stage which I suspect are mobile phone screens/tweets but unreadable from the side row.

With only three actors identifiable, it is not possible to commend anyone other than the capable three main characters although there are other cast members of note particularly whoever plays the geeky lad.

Lewis Peek is cleverly downbeat as the new boy Dionysus ready to lead the suppressed to hedonism; Talia Winn is the voice of reason as Agave whose eventual release has tragic consequences while Luke Bellas is her stuffy headboy brother Pentheus who, finally persuaded to join in with the riotous fun, proves to have been right all along. I think.

The energetic cast give it their all but I’m afraid that some design revisions are needed before the audience will be able to properly appreciate their efforts – disappointing as the Young Company are a gifted lot.


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