Although the curtain may be set to come down on Avenue Q in October, its playful spirit is still very much alive. Trekkie Monster, the pink-haired sex-obsessed creature, has been reported to have published his first book: Masturbation: The Medicine of Life. Trekkie is best known for his theme song, "The Internet Is for Porn", and this self-help book is his first foray into the publishing world. According to the amusing press release, the furry creature has spent years preparing the book, sometimes spending up to 12 hours a day engaged in research activities. In a recent interview, Trekkie commented “Me feel that this really digs to the soul of Trekkie. Ever since I was teenage monster, me worked very hard, enduring many sprained wrist and blistered palm for this cause. Me believe my techniques will help people and monsters all over the Earth”. The book has been received to critical acclaim, including The Timez' superlative comment, "I've never read something so inspiring in my life". Clever marketeers.