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Guys and Dolls (Cambridge)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 3 May 2010
Regional theatres have a proud history of mounting first-rate musical shows on minimal budgets. Some of them even host world premières – the New Wolsey in Ipswich and the Queen’s Th
Michael Cabot on London Classic Theatre
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 3 May 2010
Why was London Classic Theatre set up, and when? I set up LCT in 1993, shortly after leaving drama school. Like a lot of young directors, I was keen to produce my own work, so I started putting on pl
Nick Bagnall on Directing Guys and Dolls
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 3 May 2010
What does a 2010 audience bring to Guys and Dolls which perhaps the 1950 one did not? I think a modern audience is no different in the sense that they want a night of exhilarating theatre as a
The Caretaker (tour – Haverhill)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 1 May 2010
There was a time when the plays of Harold Pinter were considered to be “difficult” for ordinary theatre-goers. Fifty years after the first production of The Caretaker, its elliptica
Bronte (Newbury)
By Editorial Staff · 28 Apr 2010
For over 30 years Shared Experience has explored storytelling onstage, finding new ways to share their characters’ interior and exterior worlds. In Bronte, the three sisters who wrote som
By Editorial Staff · 26 Apr 2010
I didn’t like much about the movie Anonymous but I did like the idea of Shakespeare, as played by Rafe Spall, crashing about as a chaotically bad actor and patching his plays together in
Mrs Reynolds and the Ruffian (Watford)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 21 Apr 2010
How does your garden grow? The answer to that can depend on where precisely that garden is situated. In Gary Owens’ new play (a commission from Watford’s Palace Theatre), Mrs Reynolds̵
Sense and Sensibility (Hornchurch)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 20 Apr 2010
Two sisters, one ruled by her heart and the other controlled by the need to behave sensibly. They’re Marianne and Elinor, of course, the siblings at the heart of Jane Austen’s first publis
Under Milk Wood (Colchester)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 20 Apr 2010
We are presented with two soundscapes in Gari Jones’ staging of Dylan Thomas’ play for voices. The first, and most important, is that of Thomas’ own words. The second has been devise
Defending the Caveman (tour – Bishop's Stortford)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 19 Apr 2010
It’s a bit like the old conundrum – which came first, the chicken or the egg? Rob Becker has written a tour-de-force for Mark Little in Defending the Caveman which rattles us along