'Enthusiastic' Danyah Miller in I Believe in Unicorns
'Enthusiastic' Danyah Miller in I Believe in Unicorns

This captivating and imaginative play, based on the book by Michael Morpurgo, is suitable for children aged 5 to 11 years and is very much a "laugh out loud" experience.

The play is set in the library of a small town and the stage is made up of piles of books - many containing hidden secrets. The enthusiastic actress (Danyah Miller) plays an imaginative librarian - the "Unicorn Lady" - who meets a small boy who hates reading and school.

The drama increases as she relates the story of her upbringing and sparks the boy's curiosity into the powerful and dramatic world of books, which leads him do something heroic.

The cast interacts with the audience and clever animation/special effects throughout the production add to create a beautiful, surreal atmosphere.

By the end of the play you will "believe in unicorns".

James Wooton is ten years old and is a pupil at St Mary's CofE School in North Mymms, Hertfordshire