Skittles is going well.  We've had some good reviews and Pleasance Below has been full the last few days so I'm able to go and see other shows. I went to see Allotment, which takes place here, on the director's allotment:

It’s a beautiful piece.  You get a scone and jam and mug of tea when you arrive, then a great show.  And just sitting in the allotments (a short walk out of town near Inverleith) is a wonderful break from the ticket stubs and plastic pints of the fringe.

On the way back, we walked past some swans. 

A friend of mine, Jamie Douglas used to do this joke:

A male swan can break a female swan’s neck with one blow of his wing.
A female swan can break a male swan’s heart with just a look.

He gave up stand-up.  I wish he hadn’t.

We then passed some ducks.  They can tuck their heads into their own feathery necks, which would come in handy on the Royal Mile.