As a woman speeds through the air to settle her grandmothers estate her partner is delicately threading together stories of early female aviators for a radio documentary he is producing. These two worlds begin to bleed together in this delicate and touching piece by Oxford based Idle Motion.

The endlessly inventive cast use luggage to represent everything from a hotel room to a bi plane and use torches to guide our eyes to the tiniest moments in their wonderfully detailed world. This is an ensemble piece but I found the short bursts of speech from Grace Chapman and Sophie Cullen’s female aviators particularly touching as they try to explain why they want to head into the sky in a time when mankind is largely grounded.

This piece humbly gives thanks to the pioneering women who pushed the boundaries of aviation by flying higher and further than anyone thought possible. The company compares the bravery of these early pilots with that of anyone who leaves home to fly across the world and into the unknown. It is a risk, but if we stay on the ground we will never experience the beauty of the skies that wait for us.

This is a wonderfully delicate piece of work by a young company you should definitely keep on your radar.