When Paul Daniels takes to the stage wearing a wig, depending on your sensibility, you can be pretty sure that the next hour will be full of fun and entertainment.

In this show, which takes the form of a trip down memory lane with some magic thrown in for good measure, Daniels, now 73, shows no signs of slowing down. His patter with the crowd is as slick as ever and his tricks as sharp as always.

He handles the audience with ease, coaxing them to take part and making them feel comfortable - even Martin, whose head ends up in a guillotine. Yes, the tricks may have been seen before, but rarely are they performed with such style and good humour.

And with Debbie McGee on hand as his still very, very glamorous assistant, this is a must for fans of magic and, of course, Paul Daniels himself.

- Julie McNicholls