Udderbelly's Pasture
7-30 August, 13.55

Matthew Zajac’s father was born in Poland, fought and was imprisoned during the Second World War, and ended up in northern Scotland, a father of three and a successful small businessman.

Accompanied by a solo fiddler, Zajac recounts his father’s story, adopting both his intriguing Polish/Inverness accent and his infectious narrative style. The strains of the violin transport us back to good times and bad as the unfinished items of clothing in Zajac’s father’s workshop are imbued with life to recreate moments of his past.

Zajac is a charismatic performer and his narrative is a wholly absorbing one, particularly when it becomes clear that there is more to his father’s tale than he was ready to admit to his son during his lifetime. The autobiographical nature of the show’s ending makes it less successful in dramatic terms than the beginning, but Zajac’s honesty when it comes to telling his own part of the story make for an engrossing piece of theatre nonetheless.