After what seemed to be to most awful journey to the theatre, as soon as i arrived in my seat I immediately had the feeling that it was all going be worth it and I was right.

Jim Cartwright's classic play is a fable which explores hidden talent and what happens when LV discovers that her little voice is far bigger than anyone imagined is a joy to watch. It is kept fresh by some spot-on performances and opportunities for audience participation including a game of bingo in the interval.   

National Treasures Beverley Callard and former X Factor runner up Ray Quinn are both on board and they both deliver. The ever so funny Callard who plays Little Voice’s mother - Mari Hoff has some fantastic one liners and she delivers them with aplomb. At times though she seems to rush the performance, rather than relish the great audience reaction.

Quinn plays the sweetest of characters as L.V's love interest and their chemistry will melt anyone's heart! I was teary eyed whenever these two were together as their relationship is brilliantly evocative thanks to Cartwright's poignant script and the performers who totally embrace this.

Jess Robinson is wonderful as LV and has remarkable vocal ability- convincing the audience that she is a multitude of big divas, as opposed to one person. She's so good, you might wish that she had her own show - belting out the classics.

I adored Morgan Large's set design as it really does feel as though you are stepping into someone's home for the evening and eavesdropping on their conversations. This adds emotion where required and the piece has authenticity as a result.

The only disappointment is that the closing song is not "Sunshine" as sung by Diana Vickers in the West End version. Otherwise Little Voice proves to have a big heart.

-  Debbie Parkinson