Stepping  into wonderland is a weird and wonderful experience. As members of the audience, you become Alice, seeing everything for the first time. Not just the props and the ever so colourful characters, but also seeing the Blackpool Winter Gardens  for what seemed to be the first time. Being taken on a tour by the magical creatures of Wonderland into magical rooms dusted with beautiful props did in fact make me forget that was still in Blackpool at all.

The original music by Kal Ross is very emotive from the beginning and really aids the experience and make it truly magical! One slight problem is that suddenly once the voice is introduced, unfortunately for me that is when the music somehow loses its power and beccomes more for the ‘children in the audience audience’ rather than making the adults mind more ‘Curious.’ 
With a cast of only 16 - the core of the story remains strong throughout helped along with their high energy and the will to explore the narrative of their characters and of wonderland. The performers instruct the audience very well from room to room with a constant sense of through-story.

Overall, Alice is a very enjoyable and magical experience for all the family! Highly recommended!

- Debbie Parkinson