Back in 1983 when the first Now That's What I Call Music album was released, Tom Roden recorded his girlfriend's copy to cassette. Twenty-five years later he rediscovered the tape.  New Art Club  – Roden and his partner Pete Shenton – have used their recollections of this time to create their highly successful show, This Is Now.

Set to some of the iconic tracks from the album, Roden and Shenton recreate not only their lost youth, but also children - from the memories and imagination of members of the audience. Shenton's country dance with these imaginary children is one of the funniest things I've seen for some time.

Both performers show superb dance skills, but more dominant is their sheer comedic ability. With occasional props and costume enhancements, they pastiche the era lovingly if not always authentically. They even advise us not to be nostalgic and launch into a history of the term which is informative and hugely funny.

This Is Now is best described as a comedy show with dance. Under that description should follow the line – one of the funniest shows out there.  Don't miss it!

- Helen Jones