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Podcast: #WOSOuting to Daddy Long Legs

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Last night we took theatregoers to see Daddy Long Legs at the new St James Theatre in Victoria.

Megan McGinnis & Robert Adelman Hancock in Daddy Long Legs

The intimate two-hander, adapted from Jean Webster's popular book, centres on beautiful young orphan Jerusha Abbott. An anonymous benefactor gives Jerusha an opportunity to attend college, requiring only that she write letters to him monthly, even though he won’t respond. As she grows up, the benefactor falls in love with her mind and spirit, captured in the letters.

Broadway’s Megan McGinnis recreates her award-winning performance in the role of Jerusha, alongside fellow American Robert Adelman Hancock, both of whom starred in the world premiere at Los Angeles’ Rubicon Theatre in 2009.

After the performance we were joined by Hancock and the show's director John Caird. Caird talked about the challenges faced in adapting the novel, which featured only one character directly, into a show with two main characters. He also discussed how he was first introduced to the novel.

Hancock talked about the changes in the show for the different venues it's been in, and also told us how good it was being able to work on a new show, and helping in the development of the characters.

Caird also talked about how the show has changed from his original vision, and explained how the actor and the character become one in rehearsals, and the different stages that happens at for different actors. They then discussed the differences in responses from US and British audiences, as well as telling us of changes that they have made. Finally they told of jokes that worked in the US but not here and vice versa.

To listen to the Q&A, which was hosted by Theo Bosanquet, click the 'play' button below; or to subscribe and download from iTunes, click here.

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- by Rosie Bannister

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