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Chris Grady: Take time to think...

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I was on a tube a couple of days ago, and found myself witnessing two passengers - friends, colleagues, lecturers. I found myself writing about it. Thought I'd share.

There is nothing more revealing
Than witnessing another' speed
I am observing two people
Like assesing like how their like students work in an environment
They talk of holiday
They talk of diary and timetable
They talk of pressure
They talk
They don't like stop
They don't take a moment
They don't slow. Calm. Think
Just slow
Just calm
Just quiet
They have pressure
They work in a college
They need to do something. Explore the problems.  Think students. Think timetable. Think injections. Yup. Think pregnancy. Talk talk talk
No space to reflect
No space to care
No space.
I am so lucky. I can listen
(Ok I'm typing this conversation)
But I have the chance to listen
Have the chance to not listen
Have the chance for silence
Thank you world
For giving me space to think

As I revert to my freelance role I realise I must hang on to some silence and space. I currently have 5 email addresses (Stage Entertainment, Anglia Ruskin, Theatre Royal, Mountview, Chris Grady.org), so four "masters" (the 5 less my own business) and all expecting me to be near enough available. Its the joy of freelance portfolio careers !!

Thank you world for giving me space to think
And thank you WOS for giving me a moment to reflect



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