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Best of This Week's Theatre Blogs - 26 Mar 2010

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How do you build a successful career in theatre? This week Fin Kennedy blogged extensively about how an emerging playwright might manage to keep writing and actually make some money whilst Chris Hislop took John Caird's blog about how to become a theatre Director to task, spiritedly questioning the advice given.

There was a chance to be involved with slightly less commitment as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival used their twitter account to help create their programme cover. Taking suggestions (however weird and wonderful) as well as detailing the creation #fringecover became one of the top trending topics in the UK.

Elsewhere An Unidenitified Production considered exactly why we might want to be involved in theatre and the New Statesman Culture Blog responded to Propeller, Tamasha's festival of plays by Asian writers, calling for the work to reach a wider audience.

Finally, the Stage Management Association gave an insight into working in rather unusual conditions...

Fin Kennedy -Tuesday March 23rd
"In fact, there is a wealth of proactive things which playwrights can do to make a living, which doesn't involve waiting tables, and which will not only generate some cash, but will get them 'out there' engaging with the world in new and exciting ways that will almost certainly challenge and stretch them as artists (and people)."

Chris Hislop's Musings - How not to be a theatre director 
You’re telling talented, intelligent young theatre enthusiasts (which directors, by and large, are) to go to the theatre? If they aren’t going to the theatre, they probably don’t want to be directors in the first place!

An Unidentified Production - What theatre means to me
"We come together - audience, actors, designers, directors, stage managers, technicians, etc - to share in an experience that is unique to that moment and will never be replicated again. "

New Statesman Culture Blog - Theatre, not just for Asians
"When one character is accused of being a "fundo" because he's not drinking alcohol I fear the obligatory airing of the "Jihadi generation" issue but it never comes, at least not in an explicit way."

Stage Management Association - Still Trundling
"Where was I? Oh yes Abu Dhabi..Done that, been there. Two days and four performances later twas...We are doing Shakespeare.... time to move on!"

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