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In post-Brexit England, young European actors are no longer welcome. They have worked for decades to erase their identities in order to fit an Anglocentric industry. It’s a matter of survival. Only Miss Brexit will be allowed leave to remain in the UK and pursue the Anglo-American dream. But what does it take to become Miss Brexit? Who will be capable of erasing their identity and talk like a Brit, think like a Brit, live like a Brit? Who will be willing to exchange their national cuisine for mashed potato? Who will willingly forget their 20+ years of existence for the promise of prosperity? In this show we meet real people with unique stories. They all deal with the consequences of Brexit affecting their lives in England and their future as performers. This satire explores the struggles of the post-Brexit migrant, revealing some effects of cultural assimilation for our future generations.

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Dates: First Preview: 29 May 2024 Final Performance: 31 May 2024
Location: Camden People's Theatre, Outer London

58-60 Hampstead Road,

Outer London,


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