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Dickens’ Victorian story of a boy in a London workhouse and his adventures on the way to his family. Lionel Bart’s most successful musical contains some of the great villains of all time including Fagin and Bill Sykes. The songs include “Food glorious food”, “You Got to Pick a Pocket or Two”, “Who will buy this wonderful morning”, “I am reviewing the situation” and “Consider yourself at Home”.

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Dates: First Preview: 24 November 2023 Final Performance: 27 January 2024


Carter-J Murphy Oliver Twist - some dates
Nicholas Teixeira Oliver Twist - some dates
Theo Wake Oliver Twist - some dates
Hughie Higginson The Artful Dodger - some dates
Felix Holt The Artful Dodger - some dates
Noah Walton The Artful Dodger - some dates
Chris Bennett Bill Sikes
Frankie Hart Bet/1st Cover Nancy
Minal Patel Mr Bumble
Rosie Ede Widow Corney
Simon Green Mr Brownlow
Harry Waller Mr Sowerberry/1st Cover Fagin
Laura Cairns Mrs Sowerberry/2nd Cover Old Bedwin/Mrs Sally
Christopher Glover Mr Grimwig/2nd Cover Mr Brownlow
Rachel Laurence Mrs Bedwin & Old Sally/2nd Cover Mrs Sowerberry
Zac Adam Ensemble/1st Cover Mr Grimwig/2nd Cover Bill Sikes
Rachel Clare Chan Ensemble/1st Cover Bet/3rd Cover Oliver/3rd Cover Dodger
Llandyll Gove Swing/Ensemble/Dance Captain/2nd Cover Fagin/2nd Cover Mr Bumble
Jake Lomas Ensemble/Knife Grinder & Bullseye/1st Cover Bill Sikes/1st Cover Mr Sowerberry
Martha Pothen Ensemble/1st Cover Mrs Sowerberry/1st Cover Mrs Corney
Michaela Stern Swing/Ensemble/1st Cover Mrs Bedwin & Old Sally/2nd Cover Nancy
Scott Waugh Swing/Ensemble/2nd Cover Mr Sowerberry
Aness Ahmed Young Company
Beatrice Armitage Young Company
Cyrus Campbell Young Company
Ella Jade Chadwick Young Company
Zane Chaba Young Company
Arlana Dar Young Company
Rose Dawson Young Company
Rebecca English Young Company
Aaron Fu Young Company
Fearne Lily l'Anson Young Company
Kalil Judge Young Company
Shayne M Maphosa Young Company
Leo Maurice Young Company
Oliver Maurice Young Company
Amelia Minto Young Company
Jenson Lee McMaster Young Company
Jett Moises Young Company
Karis Musongole Young Company
Kayleen Nguema Young Company
Maxwell Paton Young Company
Robyn Pennington Young Company
Alexa Raja Young Company
Reggie Rollins Young Company
Jessica Russell Young Company
Hugh Jack Ryan Young Company
Tommy Thompson Young Company
Maddison Thew Young Company
Raine Williamson Young Company
Buster Wolfenden Young Company