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“In the death zone, your body starts eating itself. Time and space disappear. It’s impossible to remember what happens up there.” When Yasmin and Sherpa Tshering return from a perilous expedition to Everest without a member of their party, a lot of people have a lot of questions. Where is Yasmin’s husband Charlie? What happened on the mountain? Why do Yasmin and Tshering’s accounts differ so drastically? Private investigator Connie tries to distinguish hallucination from reality and delusion from fact; someone, somewhere, is not telling the truth. A mesmerising and thrilling exploration of the lure of the mountains, the drive to conquer and the price of staying alive.

Over the course of our Spark programme we’ve invited three different teams of actors and creatives from Cumbria, and beyond, to work on exciting new plays by talented playwrights that will be shared with audiences for the first time. At the end of each week we’re inviting audiences into our online rehearsal room to see what we’ve been working on. These free readings will be happening once a month, so if you fancy seeing more than one, do book for the other two rehearsed readings as well. They;re a fabulous insight into some of the exciting work on the horizon at TBTL – come and join us!

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Running Time: 1hr 30min (0 intermissions)
Dates: One Night Only: 05 March 2021
Location: The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick



CA12 5DJ

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Carmen Nasr Author
Guy Jones Director