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Every Thursday night watch as Avocado pull an ORIGINAL ONE-ACT PLAY out of thin air, turning truth into belly laughs; imagine Tarantino meets Spinal Tap. Adding fuel to the fire, legendary music fills each show, from soulful grooves to rare classics, leaving you dancing in your seat and rolling in the aisles. Avocado walk out on stage, without any audience suggestions, scripts or plans. Every single line, look, and idea are made up in that moment, never to be seen again. No two Avocado shows are the same. The hardest thing to fake on stage is a real connection, so luckily these two friends can just focus on having a good time. You won’t see improv like this anywhere else in London.

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Dates: First Preview: 14 July 2022 Final Performance: 31 December 2023
Location: Barons Court Theatre, Inner London

Curtain's Up pub28a Comeragh Road,

Inner London,

W14 9HR

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