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Mythic mayhem, human clap-o-meters and audience power! Brace yourselves for tales to make you want to rip up the rules and riot! Stand-up tale-tellers slam down stories of the super-women and unstoppable goddesses who stalk through the world’s myths and legends.Who will you meet? Irish pirate queen, naughty Greek pig-wife belly goddess, Japanese Sun deity, Sumerian sword-wielding nemesis? We present myths and legends of females outgunning adversity. Wielding wit, brains, cunning, courage, righteous rage and the occasional superpower, these women embody what can be achieved when we give absolutely no fucks. A celebratory, inspiring night meant for men as much as women. Who will you crown Ultimate WomanWhoGaveNoFcks?

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Dates: First Preview: 08 November 2023 Final Performance: 08 November 2023
Location: Mercury Theatre, Colchester

Balkerne Gate,



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