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“Come boys, come heave away, for the stars and the billowing spray! We’re bound for the thundering sound, my boys, we’re bound for Catastrophe Bay!” Deep in the wilds of Cornwall lies the tiny fishing village of Newfrock. The inhabitants are a curious and mischievous gaggle of misfits – a smuggling schoolmistress, the sinful priest, reprobate orphans and singing fishermen – who, despite their differences, abide by a strange patchwork of rituals and beliefs in order to protect the village’s secrets. When newcomer Murdo Moxy – freelance crook and con-artist – enters their midst with his roguish daughter in tow, it sets off a series of events for the townsfolk to grapple with. Inspired by a vast language of British and European folk songs, Catastrophe Bay is as rich and hearty as a night in a candlelit tavern, whilst storms rage outside.

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Dates: Opening Night: 18 June 2022 Final Performance: 02 July 2022

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Performances begin: 16 September 2024