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Leslie Jordan - Fruit Fly

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Leslie Jordan, star of hit US shows Will and Grace and Sordid Lives returns to London to headline in Fruit Fly, a follow up from his previous one man show, My Trip Down the Pink Carpet.

Centring round himself and his journey coming out as gay, Fruit Fly is a monologue written by Jordan and directed by David Galligan and focusses on the question 'do gay men become their mothers?' Jordan takes the audience on a journey, delving into his family history illustrated by photographs from his childhood, from the “winter whites” to his favourite red cowboy boots. There is nothing on stage but himself, a stool and an arm chair, leaving him out in the open and seeming as if he really is opening up to the audience.

Jordan uses his comedic experience perfectly giving the show both funny and emotional moments, often making light of what were at the time, and still are, serious situations. After all, growing up in a traditional Baptist southern American family couldn’t have been easy when you had to secretly sneak off the night before Sunday school to dress up like a girl and get drunk with others who understood you.

Fruit Fly is an entertaining, light-hearted comedy which is a must see for fans of Leslie Jordan or others facing similar dilemmas. Some of the jokes feel a bit specialist, and the show perhaps doesn't cater to everyone. The ending, however, tugs on your heart strings, no matter your circumstances. Jordan speaks of his mother finally accepting him for who he is, and states “she did the best she could with the light she had to see with” – a line which gives hope to those in the 21st century who are struggling with gaining acceptance. 

- Kira Gorman


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