Watch The Showstoppers parody Miss Saigon and Songs of Praise for Derren Brown

The improv troupe continues to keep the witty content coming

The Showstoppers
The Showstoppers
It all started with a challenge – showman Derren Brown asked the hit improv musical makers The Showstoppers to create a song in 24 hours about his moulting dog Doodle, in the style of Miss Saigon or Songs of Praise.

The cast accomplishing the feat is composed of Adam Meggido with Justin Brett, Ali James and Joshua Jackson. Lyrics are by Meggido, additional lyrics are by Andrew Pugsley, music (in the style of Miss Saigon and Songs of Praise) are by Meggido and Duncan Walsh Atkins. Keys and track programming by Walsh Atkins. Video editing is by Pugsley.

You can see the results below:

In response Brown said: "Wow, thank you Showstoppers, this is wonderful. I'm blown away. Made my lockdown. And Doodle/poodle, of course, it makes sense! Humbug's kicking off already she didn't get one. I'm going to watch it again 16 times!"