Thor and Loki: watch this song from the new musical at Edinburgh Fringe

Harry Blake’s musical is currently running at the Edinburgh Fringe

The cast of Thor and Loki
The cast of Thor and Loki
© Geraint Lewis

Thor and Loki is a new comedy musical by Harry Blake created with House of Blakewell.

In her review for WhatsOnStage, Sarah Crompton said: "If there is a show that has Fringe favourite stamped through, then it is probably this truly silly but hugely enjoyable effort from Harry Blake, one of the rising stars of British musicals."

We were given a first listen to one of the songs from the show, "Talent".

We also caught up with Blake and comedy partner Alice Keedwell to find out a bit more about the show:

How did you come up with the idea for Thor and Loki?

HB: I was on holiday in Iceland and I re-read some of the Norse myths that I read as a child and I thought it would be a great vehicle for our comedy duo, Blakewell House.

Why did you want to tell this story?

HB: It's a story about people trying to save the world, a world that is out of balance, where the power structures need to change and I think that's very relevant for now.

AK: There's a lot of thinking about what makes a hero and why people have power.

How would you describe the music in the show?

HB: It's epic, there's a big mixture of styles from rock to Disney ballads…

AK: There's also classic musical theatre and an incredible cast who play instruments live.

HB: And there's a recorder duet!

Will it appeal to fans of the Marvel films?

AK: Well I think people will know the characters of Thor and Loki from the films, but our take on it is very different.

Why should people come and see it?

HB: It's a big ambitious show with lots of heart, and it's very relevant to today.

AK: Plus we have tap dancing trolls!

Thor and Loki runs at Assembly Roxy at 7.15pm until 26 August.

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