Stagey versions of 8 bestselling books

Everything’s better with theatre added, to celebrate World Book Day here’s some stagey book adaptations

For World Book Day, check out these riffs off existing book covers!

Article originally ran in 2016.

Fifty Shades of Grey Gardens

Christian Grey meets Edie Bouvier Beale who teaches him what it's really like to be dominated.

Funny Girl on the Train

Hilarious stories from Sheridan's commute to the Menier Chocolate Factory.

A Pajama Game of Thrones

Xavier is coming…

Lola's Angels and Demons

In this sequel, a team of drag queens help Tom Hanks solve an illuminati crime in Northampton.

Twilight Express

Vampires on skates, what's not to like?

Warhorse and Peace

It's long, but it has puppets… and a goose.

The Cats in The Hat

Andrew Lloyd Webber meets Dr. Seuss, oh dear Lord.

One Day More

Friends meet up once a year to steal bread and wave flags.