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Sondheim's new musical Buñuel is reportedly no longer in development

Sad news for fans of Sondheim

© Dan Wooller

Stephen Sondheim has said that his new musical Buñuel will no longer make its way to the stage, it has been revealed by The New York Times.

The Public Theater was reportedly told by the Follies and Assassins creator that his newest piece, which was said to be based on two Spanish director Luis Buñuel films, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972) and The Exterminating Angel (1962) and created alongside David Ives, has been parked.

The news is a sad one for theatre fans, who have been deprived of wholly new Sondheim material since 2008's Road Show. Buñuel even had a director attached in the form of Tony Award-winner Joe Mantello.

The first act was to be about a group of people trying to find somewhere to have dinner, while the second is about a group who, upon having dinner, discover they can't leave. The Exterminating Angel is considered one of the best 1,000 films by The New York Times, and was adapted into an opera half a decade ago.

For now, we can wait for a few Sondheim revivals on the horizon – including A Little Night Music at Leeds Playhouse, the new West Side Story film and, one day, the eagerly anticipated West End transfer of the starry Sunday in the Park with George.

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