Our 10 favourite Olivier Awards moments from the last decade

We look back on some of our favourite videos from the Oliviers!

Olivier Award trophies
Olivier Award trophies
Today is the Olivier Awards! We want to mark the occasion by rounding up our favourite clips from the last ten years:

1. Angela Lansbury sings "Liaisons" for Stephen Sondheim – 2011

In 2011 Stephen Sondheim was honoured for his contribution to British theatre, and in a special tribute the legendary Angela Lansbury sang "Liaisons" from A Little Night Music.

2. Tim Minchin brings Matilda to the Oliviers – 2013

The show won the award for Best New Musical in 2012, but that didn't stop Minchin returning the following year for a special acoustic performance of Matilda's lovely number "My House".

3. Lee Evans eats an Olivier Award – 2013

That's how you stun an audience – in 2013 comedian and stage star Lee Evans came out with the iconic gong while presenting. No one expected him to bite a chunk out of it.

4. Wicked lights up Covent Garden – 2014

Willemijn Verkaik delivered one of the most exciting Wicked performances in the show's history, taking to a roof in Covent Garden to belt out "Defying Gravity". Literal. Shivers.

5. Imelda Staunton gives a grand Gypsy turn – 2015

Everything came up roses for Staunton in 2015 with this incredible performance. We're expecting she might pull off something similar in 2021, if Hello, Dolly! goes down a storm!

6. A 40th anniversary special – 2016

This is a unique one! Marking the 40th anniversary of the SOLT-led awards, a cohort of brilliant musical stars – Sharon D Clarke, Joe Stilgoe, Michael Feinstein, Michael Ball, Leigh Zimmerman and Daniel Evans – came together to cycle their way through some of the hit musicals that have won over the last two-score ceremonies.

7. Amber Riley is the stuff of dreams – 2017

She made a brilliant West End debut in Dreamgirls so seeing her take to the stage for the Oliviers was a unique treat. Thank god the clip exists online so we can relive the show in all its glory!

8. Tyrone Huntley is heavenly in Superstar – 2017

2017 was a night of powerhouse numbers – on top of Riley, we were bowled over by Tyrone Huntley's central turn in the Open Air Theatre's revival of Jesus Christ Superstar. Lloyd Webber's tunes are not the easiest in the book but Tyrone makes them look as easy as a casual "Happy Birthday" for your nan. Oh and Drew McOnie's choreography is pretty great.

9. Sheila Atim sings "Tight Connection to My Heart" – 2018

In a year of massive performances – Hamilton for goodness sake – it was this quietly defiant, melancholic number from Sheila Atim that wowed beyond measure. Atim is a unique performer that has only gone from strength to strength – her Olivier Award win will only be one string on what we expect will be a massive bow.

10. Six reigned supreme – 2019

They may not have won any awards, but it's hard to deny that Six wowed at last year's Olivier Awards, blowing the roof off the Royal Albert Hall with a special mash-up of "Six" and "Ex-Wives". The show's star has only continued rising since.