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New Shakespeare's Globe play After Edward to feature Margaret Thatcher, Gertrude Stein and Maria von Trapp

The piece is a response to ”Edward II” and entitled ”After Edward”

Margaret Thatcher and Gertrude Stein
Margaret Thatcher and Gertrude Stein
© Left: Chris Collins of the Margaret Thatcher Foundation

A new play at Shakespeare's Globe, entitled After Edward, will feature a cavalcade of historical characters including Margaret Thatcher, Harvey Milk, Maria von Trapp, Quentin Crisp and Gertrude Stein.

The piece, penned and starring Tom Stuart, is a response to Marlowe's Edward II (which is also being performed by the same cast), and sees Edward return to the stage alone after the events of Marlowe's play, finding himself locked inside the theatre with the likes of Stein, Milk and Crisp.

Stuart will star as Edward in both productions, and is joined by Annette Badland as Mortimer in Edward II and Gertrude Stein in After Edward, Richard Bremmer as Spencer in Edward II and Leather Man in After Edward (as well as the Archbishop of Canterbury in both shows), Richard Cant as Earl of Lancaster in Edward II and Quentin Crisp in After Edward.

Also appearing are Polly Frame as Earl of Kent in Edward II and Harvey Milk in After Edward, Jonathan Livingstone as Mortimer Junior in Edward II and Edward Alleyn in After Edward, Sanchia McCormack as Earl of Warwick in Edward II and Margaret Thatcher in After Edward, Colin Ryan as Spencer Junior in Edward II and Cowboy in After Edward, Beru Tessena as Gaveston in both shows and Katie West as Isabella in Edward II and Dorothy Gale and Maria von Trapp in After Edward.

Edward II is directed by Nick Bagnall and runs from 7 February to 20 April, while After Edward is directed by Brendan O'Hea and runs from 21 March to 6 April.