Infographic: Regions at risk as London dominates private arts giving

A report published earlier this week by Arts & Business revealed that, though private sector support for arts and culture in England increased in 2012, support for regional organisations decreased proportionally as London claimed 90% of all individual donations and 67.8% of business donations.

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Philip Spedding, director of Arts & Business, comments: “As we celebrate outstanding arts and business collaborations, this year’s survey shows a relatively modest rise in total private sector investment of 7.6%.  When compared to the state of the economy, however, this looks like a remarkably robust show of support for culture. It is a clear testament to a consistent recognition within the business community that their arts partnerships do add value.”

“Two main concerns arise from the figures. First, the increasing dominance of cultural organisations based in London in terms of who is raising the most money. Second, the increasing reliance by the cultural sector on Trust and Foundation support.”

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