Harry Hill writing new musical?

Hill’s first musical ”I Can’t Sing!” played the Palladium in 2014

Harry Hill at the launch of I Can't Sing! in 2014
Harry Hill at the launch of I Can't Sing! in 2014
© Dan Wooller for WhatsOnStage

His first foray into the world of musical theatre might not have gone to plan, but TV funnyman Harry Hill has gone back to the drawing board and is writing a new show.

The TV Burp star whose debut musical I Can't Sing!, a parody of The X Factor closed after six weeks at the Palladium, told Digital Spy that despite the pain the show's failure caused him, he's keen to have another crack at it.

"[I Can't Sing] was great fun," he told Digital Spy, "I'm kind of working on [a new musical] with Steve Brown, who wrote the last one. I guess different stuff is fun. It's nice to do different things."

"I've had a really good few years actually. It may not seem that way, because it flopped, that musical, and it was a bit painful. But it was such fun – I mean, God. It was great going to work at the Palladium every day."

Hill refused to give any more information about his new project, adding: "once you mention what it's about then it's sort of in the air and someone else will jump on it."

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