Hamilton (Lewis) at the Edinburgh Fringe: A week in the life

The new parody musical is premiering at the Festival

Hamilton (Lewis) at the Edinburgh Fringe
Hamilton (Lewis) at the Edinburgh Fringe

King's Head Theatre in north London are hitting the road with their newest musical Hamilton (Lewis). More F1 fuel-head than founding father, the new show is based on Britain's prodigal racedriver son, his rise to fame, his various controversies and successes. According to the show's bio, it's a brand new piece no way endorsed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, or Hamilton himself. Or the Pussycat Dolls. We get a look into the show's first week at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?

Hamilton: "Forget the Reynold's Pamphlet, here's the Hamilton (Lewis) script."

Practising for their shot

Hamilton: "Some last minute rehearsals!"

Meet me inside

Hamilton: "The Vroom where it happens."

Pardon me, do you want a flyer, sir?

Hamilton: "How could you say no to this show?"

Take a break

Hamilton: "Fiona celebrating her birthday with a star jump."

Podium finish for the first show

Hamilton: "They'll be telling the story of tonight"

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