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Exclusive: Dead Sheep to tour UK

Jonathan Maitland’s comedy is about the demise of Margaret Thatcher

Steve Nallon and Tim Wallers
Steve Nallon and Tim Wallers
© Darren Bell

Jonathan Maitland's debut play Dead Sheep will embark on a UK tour later this year.

Opening originally at the Park Theatre in April 2015, Dead Sheep tells of the moment that Margaret Thatcher's political 'soul-mate' Geoffrey Howe caused the British Prime Minister's downfall.

Steve Nallon, founding member of the Spitting Image team, plays Thatcher. Nallon played Thatcher in the original TV satire. Ian Talbot directs.

The piece begins its tour in Doncaster before heading to Southend, Northampton, Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Cardiff, Coventry, Exeter, Eastbourne, Malvern, Guildford and Bromley.

Maitland said: "The themes of Dead Sheep are, uncannily, as relevant now as they were 26 years ago."

Maitland wrote the play following two years' research where he had access to Geoffrey Howe and other prominent politicians of the time.